Network Analysis & optimization

Are you concerned that your current network is insufficient or not configured optimally to launch a new software applications or installing upgrades to IT systems? Select Tech can give you an unbiased network analysis. We are vendor neutral and will advise you on an upgrade path that is best for your business.

Performing a Network Analysis is the first steps to determining if your network is working properly. This process is simple. We schedule a convenient time with you and your business to listen to your concerns and goals, and discuss any issues you may be currently having. One of our seasoned network experts will perform a visual walk through and run a non-intrusive network scan of your network. Once these initial steps are taken we will report back with you with our findings and provide key recommendations to ensure your network with support the upgrades that your business needs. These steps will ensure your business can operate efficiently prior to the roll out of any new or planned software or hardware upgrades.

Our Network Analysis can:

  • Help avoid expensive outages
  • Identify IT systems that may not be working properly
  • Identify bottlenecks of the network that could have recently surfaced and negatively impacted your business
  • Reduce costs by purchasing only the hardware you need

Network and Service Management 

Select Tech’s IT team can monitor your network and servers around the clock. Our team will monitor, patch, update, secure and maintain your technology infrastructure 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. When our management team receives alerts if anything is even slightly suspicious, they can usually fix any issues before they lead to bigger problems. This approach exponentially reduces the chances of a system outage and its accompanying downtime.

As part of this service, we install recommended patches and fixes, provide endpoint security (with continually updated anti-virus and malware definitions), administer policy management and ensure your environment is a fine-tuned machine. If user activity threatens to consume your storage capacity and cause a crash, we’ll dynamically reconfigure user access to prevent that from happening, as well.

Network Status Reports

The Proactive Network & Server Management service includes, executive level reporting to view as well as optional one on one briefing of the overall status of your critical IT systems. Just some of the reports:

  • Hardware Reports, as requested
  • Software Inventory Reports, as requested
  • Monthly report of all service done on your system
  • Quarterly On Site meeting with our consultant

Desktop Management

Select Tech deploys an advanced technology solution that remotely monitors every connected computing device on your network for potential trouble. If abnormalities signal possible impending concerns, our team receives an alert, 24/7/365. They immediately intervene to proactively avert calamity. We also push out patches, administer policy management, and scan your email and files for malware and other threats. In short, we perform the preventive tasks you and your staff may be too busy to complete, with little or no disruption of user activities.

Data and backup recovery

Since 2005, most businesses utilize some sort of data backup, but this does not ensure full data protection. The best solution to enable a business to fully recover from a major data loss, crashed PC or server is to develop a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan ensuring data backups are being made. The goal of a data backup system is to restore your data in the event it is lost or corrupted. Select Tech can help ensure that you have the measures and procedures in place to recover your data.

Many events can cause data loss. These include:

Data protection and quick recovery are critical requirements for every enterprise that have important business data growing at a fast pace within their data centers or remote location.

  • 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.
  • 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately. (Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)
  • Given that one in 16 computers (Gartner Group) will suffer data loss in any given year, one needs to have peace of mind that their equipment and data are protected, as a loss of data will at best cost time and money and at worst cause the business to go under.

Select Tech has partnered with Acronis to provide complete Disaster & Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. As an Authorized Acronis Partner you can be rest assured we have the knowledge and skill to design a tailored Disaster & Recovery Plan to help your company recover from any data lose or system failure. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Select Tech is available 24/7 to help your company recover from any major data loss or system crash.

managed security services

The threat landscape is more dangerous than ever before, and attacks on small business and corporate networks are now more common and more difficult to combat. To make matters worse, effective network security is complicated, resource-intensive, and expensive, especially when companies rely on in-house solutions.

Select Tech’s Managed Security Services can help your organization overcome these challenges. We expertly manage your security devices and improve the security posture of your network and provide documentation as required. Select Tech Managed Security Services include:

  • Event Monitoring and Response (We provide PCI, HIPAA, other documentation)
  • Network Device Management
  • Security Auditing -Security auditing provides your business with detailed information on the security status of your systems.
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Vulnerability Analysis

cloud / hybrid solutions

Many businesses are hesitant to completely put all of their business and client data information on the cloud. A Hybrid Cloud Solution enables your business to keep your critical business and confidential data at your locations while leveraging the scale and the power of cloud computing for certain aspects of your infrastructure which can be managed more effectively and securely off site. Select Tech can do this by providing your business with a Hybrid Cloud Solution providing high security and a high comfort. This solution leverages the efficiencies of the cloud and having the ability to have your data stored locally. Please contact us for additional information.