PC repair

Every PC / laptop requires a $40 deposit on check-in. This fee covers our technicians time to diagnose the problem you are having. The $40 will be applied to any repair or work you have done on your equipment.

Services We Offer

Below is a list of the most common services we perform on a daily basis. If you don't see your problem listed, please feel free to contact us about other services we provide!

  • Diagnostics

  • Data Transfer / Data Backup

  • Data Import & Setup

  • Data Recovery

  • Hardware Repairs

  • Optimization

  • OS Installation / Repair

  • Virus Removal

  • Spyware Cleanup

On-Site Services

On-site services are performed in the convenience of your home or place of business. We offer the same services as in-store repairs plus PC delivery and setup, router and wireless installation, basic networking, backup solutions and more. For more information and free estimates, contact us today!

Custom built pc

If you can't find a computer to fit your needs, we can help you build a PC that works for you! Whether it's for your business or you want to take your gaming to the next level, we can help. Labor rates range from $50 to $200+ depending on the complexity of the the build.

Please visit our showroom. We are always looking forward to meeting new friends! We'd love for you to check out the latest in laptops, gaming, business PCs and wireless security cameras.